I am currently a freshman in university, and I am majoring in computer engineering. Ever since taking my first computer science course during my freshman year during highschool I knew that I want I wanted to do later in life which is to code! A few months into my first cs class, I launched Wilson’s Media. Wilson’s Media first launched in late 2015, and is a syndicated blog that focuses on cryptocurrencies, technology, and gaming news. In June 2017 I started developing Discord bots, the largest bot I have ever made is Incursion. Incursion is a multi-purpose Discord bot with a moderation system, music system, fun system, and staff system.


Gaming is a very big hobby of mine, I usually send many hours a week chilling and gaming.

Games I Play:

Rainbow Six Siege
Farm Together
Town of Salem
Stardew Valley
& Many More


As a full time college student I am very busy, but I have some project I work on during my free time.

Current Projects:

Incursion Bot (Discord Bot)
Learning more programming languages
Learning more graphic design

Free Time

I have a few hobbies that I enjoy tending to during my free time.


Working on personal websites
Updating Incursion (Discord Bot)
Blogging on here
Writing stories
Editing photos and videos